Terms and Conditions

Brickon Property Management Service Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms and Conditions”) are a legal and binding contract between you the (“Guest”) and SMAS Property Management, S.A.P.I. of C.V. (“Brickon PM”) that govern the reservation in the property or properties that the Guest decides to reserve at the time.

For the purposes of this contract, the data of the Guest are those that at the time and at the time of making the reservation request, the Guest included in the form to be able to make the reservation, with respect to said information, the Guest declares that said data are correct and true and serve the person in charge of said reservation.

The Property refers to the one in which the guest has made the reservation, the address, inventory, rules and services included in the Property are detailed on the ad page and must coincide with the reservation that the Guest makes at said time. ad.

The Guest acknowledges that by filling in the form with their data and making the payment they accept the terms and conditions contained in this document.

The terms and conditions of the service are as follows:

FIRST. OBJECT.- Brickon PM gives lodging to the Guest and the Guest accepts in this concept the use and temporary enjoyment of the Property, fully furnished, all services and facilities working, in good condition and with the photographic and written inventory of the personal property that is found within it.

SECOND. TERM.- The validity of the lodging is that which is registered in the Guest’s reservation.

The contract may be renewed after review, price adjustment and agreement of both parties.

THIRD.- AMOUNT OF LODGING AND PAYMENT. The Guest will pay Brickon PM for Lodging the amount shown in the reservation by the Guest plus the corresponding Value Added Tax, for the entire stay, an amount that must be delivered in its entirety Brickon PM in National Currency to no later than the reservation date.

In the event that due to force majeure the Guest cannot occupy the Property, Brickon PM must notify Brickon PM at least 15 days prior to the arrival of the Guest, in which case Brickon PM will be obliged to replace the nights on a date later.

FOURTH.- USE. The parties agree that the use of the Property that is the subject of this contract will be for a Home, and it is strictly prohibited to use it for any other purpose, without prior written authorization from Brickon PM, this being a special cause for termination of this contract.

If it is necessary to make any necessary repairs to the Property that is the subject of this Contract, the Guest undertakes to inform Brickon PM, in writing and with acknowledgment of receipt, of the repairs that had to be made so that Brickon PM can carry them out. In case of not notifying them, they will be borne by the Guest. Likewise, the Guest agrees to deliver the Property in the same state as it is at the time of signing.

FIFTH.- FURNITURE DEPOSIT. The Parties agree that dBrickon PM will be in charge of the conditioning and decoration expenses of the property, the Guest being in this act obliged to adequately maintain the property, on the other hand the Guest agrees to maintain within the Property and without removing from it the furniture that is inside the house and in good condition, except for the normal deterioration of its use during the term of this Contract. Likewise, the furniture mentioned in the annex referred to in the fourth paragraph of the Third Clause hereof are delivered by SMAS Property Management, S.A.P.I. of C.V. and received by the person who will act as depositary and responsible, the Guest, in the terms of the obligations established by the current Civil Code for the Federal District for the depositaries, being at all times the latter person responsible for said goods and which should not be removed for any reason from the physical location of the property.

SEVENTH. GUARANTEE DEPOSIT. The Guest must deliver Brickon PM the amount of $10,000.00 (ten thousand pesos 00/100) as a security deposit for any damage that may be caused to the Property during the term of the stay, which, if such damage is not found, must be fully returned to the Guest no later than 48 hours after the date of departure.

EIGHTH.- NOTIFICATIONS AND WARNINGS. All notices, notifications and other communications required or permitted to be given under this Agreement must be in writing, and sent either by private courier service or by email addressed as follows:

If it is to the Guest:

In the email mentioned by the Guest in the reservation request.

If it’s Brickon PM:


Or to any other address that either party designates to the other in writing. Any notification by certified or registered mail will be considered as given on the date of its certification or registration.

NINTH. – JURISDICTION. The Parties agree that this Agreement will be submitted to and interpreted in accordance with the Civil Code of Mexico City and the Code of Civil Procedures of Mexico City in force and other applicable laws and regulations. The Parties agree that they will make the necessary effort to privately resolve any dispute or claim arising from or related to this Agreement. In the event that it is not possible to resolve said controversy through direct discussions, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Mexico City, the parties renouncing the jurisdiction of their present or future domicile and any other jurisdiction that for any reason may reciprocate.

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